Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Joint research in oral healthcare announced

KOLKATA: Guru Nanak Institute of Dental Sciences and Research (GNIDSR) - an institute under the aegis of JIS Group Educational Initiatives, IIT-KGP and IIEST (Shibpur) today has taken a humanitarian step to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in order to conduct interdisciplinary research in contemporary fields of oral healthcare.

The occasion was graced by Chandrima Bhattacharya, Chairperson, West Bengal
 Medical Services, who graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. Also stalwarts of the Indian Oral and Dental industry and academia as well as other eminent personalities such as S.K. Bhattacharya, Deputy Director IIT - KGP; Ajoy Roy, Director, IIEST Shibpur; Suranjan Das, Vice Chancellor, Jadavpur University and Dibyendu Mazumder, President - Dental Council of India, R.R. Paul, Deputy Director and In-Charge (R&D), GNIDSR and T.K. Pal, Principal, GNIDSR were present for the commemoration of MoU signing occasion.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Man doubts his dentist after he didn't recommend the toothpaste every doctor recommends on TV

New Delhi. A man in his mid-thirties doubted his dentist and refused to buy the prescribed toothpaste from a neighborhood medical store, when he found out the brand was not one of the many recommended by dentists in TV advertisements.

When News reporter (NR) contacted Mr. Kumar, he flashed a nervous smile and narrated the incident.

FN: Mr. Kumar, what made you to visit a dentist?

Kumar: I have been suffering from bad toothache for the past few months. My friends complained to me that they have been suffering from bad breath, my bad breath, for the past few years. When the bad breath had become unbearable, my friends pooled in money and sent me to a dentist.

NR: Please tell us what happened at the dentist.

Kumar: Everything was good there. The dentist brought back the colour of my teeth from utter black to almost white. He used twice the amount of cement to fix the cavities compared to what he used to fix his damaged wall, he told me.

NR: Was the fee too high?

Kumar: The fee was phenomenal. The dentist did have to do a couple of extractions. Along with that he extracted every last coin from my wallet also. Tell you what. the last extraction was more painful.

NR: All good. What made you doubt his credentials?

Kumar: When he wrote a prescription for my toothpaste, I had my first doubt. When the medical store guy gave me a toothpaste with a name not even close to any highly recommended toothpaste in TV. How can accredited doctors on TV be wrong? How can bollywood actors and ‘chief smile officers’ be wrong?

NR: So, what did you finally do?

Kumar: I went back to the clinic and asked him to show the credentials. The doctor smiled and had shown all the certificates. Then he asked me something unusual. He challenged me to get verified credentials of at least one dentist appearing in the TV advertisements.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Dentists want letter D added to Kerala's ABC (Ayurveda, Backwaters and Culture)

Kerala has long considered Ayurveda,Backwaters and Culture (ABC) as its USP. Dental specialists in the state now want to add letter D to it in an attempt to tap the potential of dental tourism.

A group of dental surgeons have set up a `Dental Holiday Knowledge Centre' in Fort Kochi, to promote the concept among tourists.

India, Singapore and Thailand account for 90% of the medical tourism in Asia. "India ranks far below Thailand in dental tourism even though cities like Kochi have the necessary infrastructure to provide exceptional dental care at much cheaper rates," said Dr Seby Varghese, founder of Dentela Foundation and secretary of Indian Dental Association, Nedumbassery. According to the research undertaken by Sindhu Joseph, an assistant professor with Kannur University , who has specialised in tourism management, 24.5% of the total medical tourists visiting Kerala can be credited to dental tourism. "Around 40% of all medical tourists visiting Kerala also look for leisure. As of now, the leading source of information regarding dental service in the international market is word of mouth. If you exclude NRIs the figure is 24.5%," said Sindhu.

"I came to India specifically to see my daughter, who was staying in Fort Kochi.She has had previous experience with Dr Seby Varghese. I need some work done on my front teeth so I took her word for it and visited his office", said Deborah Moe, a tourist who visited Kochi from the US this year.

Dr Seby says dental tourism has not been given an adequate platform to promote itself. "Most promotional opportunities like travel mart are dominated by large medical corporations who only promote themselves," said Dr Seby .

He said dental tourism should be promoted like ayurveda. "In Thailand, dental tourism is uniquely promoted by the government. It has high online visibility and significant promotional presence in road shows and conventions. In Kochi, we have one of Asia's leading dental lab facilities, which is catering not just to the market demands in Kochi but to foreign nations as well. We have the infrastructure, all we need is the promotion," said Dr Seby .

Doctors say dental implants, tooth alignment and smile makeovers are the most frequently requested procedures. Getting dental implants done in Thailand can cost up to Rs 1 lakh, while the same can be done in Kochi for just Rs 55,000.

"The work I had done on my teeth was exceptional," said Deborah.

The knowledge centre in Fort Kochi, which is set to open in October, will only admit clinics and centres that are approved by the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH). "Ayurveda marred its reputation due to malpractices by a few institutions, we don't want the same to happen to the dental health industry ," said Dr Seby.

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"Three years condensed course of MBBS after BDS to practice general medicine" Dr Mazumdar

Nagpur: Dental Council of India (DCI) of India has been trying to stem the mushrooming of dental colleges in the country. Council is ensuring new dental colleges come up only in association with an existing government medical college.

Dr Dibyendu Mazumdar, DCI president told the council was trying its best to prevent new colleges in private sector. "What is the use of more colleges without any quality education and employment? Hence DCI has brought out a regulation of allowing a student to go for a three years' condensed course of MBBS after BDS. This will qualify them to also practice general medicine," he said.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Indian dentists are abandoning their profession for BPOs, this startup wants to change this

Fact: 30,000 dentists who graduate from dental colleges annually have no industry waiting to hire them.
Most of them end up joining their seniors or faculty members in practice, earning as little as Rs 5,000 a month. The market scenario demands that they set up their own practice, which costs no less than Rs 10-12 lakh in initial capital investment, taking easily five to seven years to pay off.

Founders of MobiDent: Vivek Madappa (L) Dr. Devaiah Mapangada
Founders of MobiDent: Vivek Madappa (L) Dr. Devaiah Mapangada

Further, not having any godfather in the industry makes it even more difficult, because dental colleges teach students to practise dentistry and not to set up a practice.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

50 per cent seats for dental courses lying vacant post NEET

The National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) has led to a situation wherein seats for the BDS course are lying vacant. Facing crisis, the Dental Council of India (DCI) has written to the Union health ministry for lowering the percentile to fill up these vacant seats. Earlier, the government had decided that students will be admitted to medical and dental courses only through NEET.


The dental colleges were witnessing full occupancy for the BDS course. But now the colleges are finding it difficult to fill even 50 per cent seats. These dental colleges have to complete the admission process by October 7.


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